I don’t even know how to start this article to be honest, but I wanted to write it so much, that I decided to be completely honest in writing it.

The end of the year is very close, it has been a very exciting year to me, I was lucky to speak at UIKonf in Berlin, Mobile Optmized in Minsk and at the MobiConf in Krakow. I’ve been lucky to meet a lot of nice people and visit new cities. Alongside traveling and speaking, I joined an awesome project: RxSwift that is gaining a lot of traction and that I am helping in shaping its future, mostly contributing with wrappers and operators. It has been a great year, but in 2016 I am going to turn 30, with a lot of changes in my life. But I would like starting looking back.


The last decade has been full of nice events, but also with a lot of failures. I have been involved in the bootstrap of 2 companies that were not lucky enough to make it. The first one was in 2011 and was a something very similar to what Apple now calls “Research Kit” and “Health”. We created and shaped a platform capable to collect and digest all the necessary information to create a medical history in case of emergency. The product was basically used to keep the patience’s information always up to date and eventually help in saving his life in case of emergency. We got rejected because according to all the people we presented this, we have been told that “not a single person could be interested in using it”, of course the time proved that wasn’t true.

The second one was 2 years ago and was a payment platform connected to a machine learning ecosystem able to suggest and interact with the user, smartly prompting ads using iBeacons and converting new customers into recurring ones using machine learning. Another company basically created the same product, with far less features and poor design choices, but this is the market, I can’t blame for this. I am absolute not ashamed of my failures, I look at them as nice experiences and writing this article I can’t write “what if I tried”.

I was lucky to live in 3 cities like London, Basel and Zürich, I moved from my hometown with no regrets or “saudade” as we brazilians are used to say. What I learned on those experiences has an inestimable value and I would never change them for anything else.


What’s coming next year, well, let’s start with my most valuable life changer: a baby. I can’t say how much I am looking forward to May to meet him. I would not be around at the UIKonf 2016 or WWDC, but the reason can’t be a bad one, I am very happy.

I am involved in organizing a conference, called App Builders that is going to take place in Zürich ad the end of April. I hope to meet you there, it’s going to be awesome. I am also working on something else I can’t share right now, but please stay tuned, because we can make it, it could be one of the coolest events in 2016.

On the Open Source side, I will keep myself committed with RxSwift and the other project I am currently bootstrapping, called Wing: a modular web framework written on Swift. I will dedicate a post about it.

I will also try to speak a little but more, except for the period between end of March and June, for obvious reasons.

One more thing… the book about Reactive Programming is currently in stand-by because the Swift support of Linux is still too much unstable to be part of a book, but I want it to have a big part, so it’s going to be delayed and it will be probably released at the end of November 2016.