After many small talks at the local SwissMobiDevs series of events in Zürich, I had the opportunity to speak at one of the greatest conferences about iOS: UIKonf. This blog post is a resume of my thoughts, impressions and emotions.


I am habit to speak regularly in front of 20 people, I never thought the jump from an audience of 20 to one of almost 200 people would made me nervous. During the talk I have to admit, I was nervous, but I practiced a lot and even if everything was seeming 10 times more difficult once on the stage, I was able to not panic and do my presentation. It was a super experience and, I hope to have achieved my goal to make a Monad less scary.

Here you can find the example project.


I am fascinating by how people are open to share and connect while in a conference, the result is an amazing and astonishing experience. Quick chats were about many different topics and were always very interesting. I was able to connect with people coming from other German cities, London, Belarus, New York, San Francisco and even Brazil and Australia. Some chats were very inspiring and I can’t really estimate the value of some of them because the quality was just great. A conference is about sharing and connecting and I think all the guys at the UIKonf 2015 were absolutely great on that.


Connecting with other speakers was definitely exciting. Considering to be on stage with guys who wrote books I have read and enjoyed and guys that made talks that inspired me in the past, was definitely a great honor, few years ago I would never image to be on a such good event as a speaker and life is extremely surprising and fascinating. I had the chance to connect with a lot of smart guys and is literally impossible to quantify the value that a connection can give.

UIKonf Stage


Maxim, Engin, Sabine and Diana have done an amazing job! I was unlucky with the flight and I missed the bike tour, feedbacks were amazing and I am quite sad to have missed it, but except for that, I think the conference was great and they definitely deserve the credit for that, without them, the event would not have happened. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for speakers and attendees, if you guys are reading this, thanks again!


I have been in Berlin many times and I can’t say how much I like this city, it has a long history behind. The whole city is just amazing, with so many different people, cultures and trends all combined together to create a cosmopolitan city, but that is surprisingly offering a relaxing environment if compared to other big cities in Europe.

What’s Next?

I will submit Call For Papers to other conferences, I enjoyed to speak and I will definitely try to speak more when possible. The nice part of speaking is actually the learning side. Preparing a talk is not just about organize and structure the content plus the speech, but is also about (trying to) mastering the topic to be confident enough to go in front to other developers and talk.

I also will continue to organize SwissMobiDevs talks, trying to not speak for the next 2-3 events, leaving the stage to other amazing stories that I am trying to bring into the events. I would also really love to find some sponsors to have some of the speakers at the UIKonf speaking to our nights, I hope to make it happen sooner or later.

Ultimus at non minime, I really loved the talk of Ash Furrow and the blog post that followed, I have to say that the talk was very inspiring and I will definitely try to share more of what I do.