I can’t say it was not an intensive first year in terms of conferences I attended or spoke at, but the MobiConf in Krakow this year was an amazing one! I was happily impressed by the quality of the talks and how beautiful is the city, plus the guys organizing it were just GREAT!

I would really like to spend 2 words, well deserved, for these guys: THANK YOU!

Other than that, my slides are available here:

And the video is available on the Youtube page of MobiConf. I suggest you to watch all the videos, because all the presentation were just great, with a special attention to:

  • Evolution of Asynchronous Programming on iOS - Ash Furrow
  • Power up your animations! - Marin Todorov
  • Components & View Models in the Cloud - how Spotify builds native, dynamic UIs - John Sundell

These 3 talks were just great and I loved them so much I definitely suggest to anyone reading this to watch them.